Dear VCDSA Sponsor,

By joining our mission, you will become synonymous with a charity that carries a long tradition of community service. The Ventura County Deputy Sheriff's Association for the first time has enabled business' to help build and improve upon strong community relations.

Recently, the negative publicity surrounding corporate America has produced a narrow and one-sided view. We are certain that many honest, decent, and law-abiding companies in Ventura County desire to accentuate a more balanced and positive business perception.

We now invite our business community to sponsor our annual DIRECT MAIL campaign. This joint effort will send a positive message to the entire community of Ventura County. More than 200,000 recipients will receive the DIRECT MAIL letters!

This TAX-DEDUCTIBLE contribution, will not only help to drive this message of goodwill, but will allow us to help the many needy organizations we support each year. Take this opportunity to review our list of the many groups we support. Please consider this benevolent cause as not only a benefit to our community, but also, as an added value to your company. This project will help further your mission as a "corporate leader of goodwill."

Our necessary financial goal is $50,000.00. We are searching for only a few key corporations to help meet this goal, and we are hopeful you will respond to our plea for help. Below you will find the levels we seek.









Each of these commitments will allow your group to place your company name, slogan and logo within the 200,000 VCDSA Direct Mail packages. On behalf of our many fine deputies and the causes we strive to support, we challenge you to join this effort.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


President Scott Peterson

Ventura County Deputy Sheriffs' Association