Charitable Work

In addition to serving the community when it comes to fighting crime, members of the Ventura County Deputy Sheriff’s Association enrich and contribute to the community in many other ways. 

VCDSA Charitable Donations Top $71,500 in 2016

              VCDSA and its members have a long history of charitable giving. In 2016, we continued that tradition by donating over $71,500 to many worthy causes.  Once again, VCDSA was able to provide financial support to more than 100 different charities and non-profits that provide a broad-range of assistance and essential programs, activities and services, most of them for citizens right here in Ventura County.

              VCDSA members have every right to be proud about their Association’s charitable activities, which are reflected in a combined total of over $870,000 donated back to the community in the last 16 years. This charitable giving is one important way we help demonstrate that the men and women of this Association truly care about the communities in which they work and the citizens whom they serve.

VCDSA’s 2016 charitable donations fell into the following general categories:

              SUPPORT OF YOUTH IN THE COMMUNITY: As a reflection of VCDSA’s longstanding commitment to help local youth, fight gangs and drugs, and support safe and healthy youth activities, the largest segment of our charity funds, over $30,100, was donated to numerous groups that support kids in our area. Of that amount, over $3,600 went to youth sports programs and 17 area schools received VCDSA support. In addition to sports, we provided financial assistance for academic events, music programs, “safe and sober” grad-nights, Scouting, summer-work programs, and at-risk youth support. And we’re proud to say we’ve been corporate sponsors of our local Boys & Girls in Clubs in the County for years, and our combined donations to all of the Boys & Girls Clubs totaled $21,500 in 2016. In our view, these clubs and their programs are uniquely effective, giving kids the kind of mentorship, programs and activities that help them make the best choices for their future.

              AID FOR COMMUNITY SUPPORT GROUPS AND VICTIMS OF ILLNESS AND INURY: The second largest portion of VCDSA’s charitable contributions, over $21,100, went to assist local organizations that help those suffering from illness, disease, injury, and disability, and also to groups that aid victims of crime, provide food and/or shelter for the underprivileged, assist veterans, and work to enhance medical care and services for local seniors, families and children. Donations to such groups included the National Charities League Juniors to help make children’s cancer treatment more accessible in Ventura County, MADD, Habitat for Humanity, the Rescue Mission, FoodShare, Firefighters’ Quest for Burn Survivors, Casa Pacifica, Camarillo Hospice and many others.

              ASSISTANCE TO SAFETY AND LAW ENFORCEMENT GROUPS: The ability to provide financial support for groups that enhance public safety, assist law enforcement, and provide resources to those on the front lines is near-and-dear to VCDSA. That is why the Trustees of the VCDSA Charitable Trust donated more than $16,430 during 2016 to worthwhile organizations such as Concerns of Police Survivors, the California Peace Officers Memorial Foundation, the Thousand Oaks Police Volunteer program, CNOA, citizens patrol groups, police K-9s and police explorer groups. That does not include another $4,000 in donations made to assist the survivors of peace officers and public safety officers who lost their lives in the line of duty, or who suffered grievous, life-threatening injuries or illnesses.                  

Every year, we feel very fortunate to be able to help those in need and give back to our community on behalf of VCDSA. We underscore our commitment to local citizens by genuinely helping others, strengthening youth programs and non-profit support networks, and building stronger ties between County residents and the men and women of VCDSA who work for the Sheriff’s Office and D.A.’s Bureau of Investigation.  

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