Useful Links

Irrevocable Request for Leave Redemption, members hired BEFORE 031814

Annual Leave Redemption Provisions VCDSA MOA

Vacation-Annual Leave Buydown Request Form  - Peace Officers Research Association of California

VCDSA Amended MOA 3/2014 - 2/2018 - Current VCDSA Memorandum of Agreement

VCDSA Side Letter No. 1, Article 31, Retirement, 12/2014 - Side Letter re DST Retirement Enrollment

VCDSA Amendment re Code 7 Pay for 12-Hr Patrol Deputies returning to Detention Services     

Designation of Personal Physician for Work Injuries - Form for Notice of Designation of Treating Doctor

Retired Officer CCW-LEOSA Policy - VCSO Policy No. 220 Incorporates both the California ID Card CCW Endorsement Requirements and the LEOSA/HR 218 Requirements

Retired Officer CCW-LEOSA Endorsement Request Form - Form Includes Waiver and Release, Annual Course of Fire, Definition of Approved Instructor and Certification by Approved Instructor